Inescapable Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Inescapable MovieInescapable is written and directed by Ruba Nadda, who in the past has made the romance drama Cairo Time starring Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig. The latter also stars in Inescapable where he plays a former Syrian secret police officer.

Siddig is Abid Abdel Kareem, who is currently a computer operations manager for a bank in Canada. He is married with two daughters. Then one day he gets a phone call telling him that his daughter, who was travelling in Israel, went to Syria without telling him. Now the said daughter was missing.

It is a fact that Syria is the home of a vicious regime and it would really worry parents to find out that their daughter went there alone. Just like any worried parent would do, Abid flies to the Middle East and sneaks into Syria because he doesn’t have the right visa to go there. It is his first time to return to Syria in decades.

At the border, he meets Fatima (Maria Tomei), who is Abid’s former lover. They have not been in contact with each other since Abid went away from Syria. He tracks down his daughter by making himself visible to bring the heat on himself.

Abid learns that his daughter has been collecting data about him. And while doing that, she stumbled upon secrets of a high-ranking Syrian official and attempted to blackmail him. Though Inescapable has a complicated plot, it is easy to follow. It wants to audience to feel that it is more complex than what it really is.

The movie tries to describe the country as very dangerous for Abid and yet he manages to avoid all the dangers as he waltzes his way across Syria. It builds up to a violent climax but the action is not that impressive. Everything looks fake and a letdown for people expecting it to be a good spy movie.

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