Who Influenced Chris Hemsworth To Go Shirtless ?

By Shreya Singh | 3 years ago
Who Influenced Chris Hemsworth To Go Shirtless ?
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth popularly known as “Thor” has been seen shirtless in the movie but do you know that it was the most difficult scenes ever shot by the actor? Then how did he got ready to showcase his perfectly toned body in front of the camera? Read to know.

The “Thor” actor, Chris Hemsworth was ready to give the topless shot just to impress his wife reported by The Independent. According to director Kenneth Branagh, Chris took off his shirt just to please his wife.

Guesting at BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show”, the director of the film said, “it was one of the most awkward scenes in the movie and required so much guts to say it to Chris.” Speaking more the director says,”But on the other hand,  his wife was very relaxed and when we told her,  she said ,’get him to take his shirt off !'”

Hemsworth worked for hours in the gym to get a perfect shape and the hard work could be seen easily. Talking about the reaction of Branagh, Hemsworth  says, “Of course I’m going to get my bloody shirt off, mate after all Branagh had been training me for nine months for this thing.”

Explaining the reason behind the requirement of such a scene, the director of Thor says, “The hero was coming back from the battle, washing blood off his hand, he overfeeds of food rich in protein and endless mount of chicken breast and steak and fish and vegetables and brown rice to be in good physique.”

“Thor” was a successful project of Branagh’s team but unfortunately he did not direct the second installment of the movie, “Thor: The Dark World”.

Chris Hemsworth says that it was the sad part because he loved working with Branagh and he was the one who introduced him to the God of thunder.

“Thor: The Dark World” was released in 2013, gaining lot of appraisal worldwide.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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