‘Ink Master’ Season 6, Episode 9 Spoilers: Strategy And Alliances Start Forming With Judges Becoming Hardest Critiques

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
‘Ink Master’ Season 6, Episode 9 Spoilers: Strategy And Alliances Start Forming With Judges Becoming Hardest Critiques

As ‘Ink Master’ Season 6 is heading towards its end, the heart beats of not only the fans but also the participants are increasing day by day. The upcoming episode 9 will witness judges turning tougher towards the participants. So, to safeguard themselves from elimination, participants will take initiatives to think about new strategies and form alliances.

In the last episode, Big Ceeze was eliminated as two of the judges, Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro voted against him whereas Chris Núñez voted against Marisa. The episode also saw the formation of new groups like the group of Dave, Tyler Nolan and Chris Blinston, where Tyler and Dave were trying their level best to keep Chris till the end against Craig Foster and Matt O’Baugh who were working together to break Chris’s group. Well, all of them are still on the show so, it will be a treat to watch their next move because at the end, this show will have an individual winner only.

The upcoming episode will show how Matt and Craig targets Dave, the one who is supporting Chris and Tyler and obviously very strong too, to break the alliance of the three. We will see judges’ harsh remarks to the contestants and a completely nail-biting scenario.

It is crisp clear that the judges are going to tear down the artists into pieces and it will be a really difficult task for the participants to stand before them. Under such hard hitting circumstances, who will come out as the winner and who will be eliminated?…are few questions answers of which will be available only at the right time. Till then we have to wait and watch how the show progresses to its end.

Episode: 9 “Like a Moth to the Flame” will be aired on August 25.

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