Innocent Tweeter Sarah O Connor Starts a ‘Terminator’ Tornado on Twitter

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Innocent Tweeter Sarah O Connor Starts a ‘Terminator’ Tornado on Twitter
Terminator Genisys

Internet has a strange way of making any kind of news sound funny. On the first of July, somebody who was unfortunate enough to have the name, Sarah O Connor, tweeted a news item about a robot killing a worker in a Volkswagen plant in Germany. Terminator fans put a hilarious twist on the news and made it sound like the real Skynet was suddenly up and running.

In a strange turn of events, the news item quickly transformed into an internet joke that has been doing rounds all over the internet ever since. It’s been a day since the original Twitter post and the denizens of the twitterverse are still cracking jokes about it on the internet.

The internet came alive with tweets like “You are our only hope now. Resistance fully supports you as our leader,” and “Sarah! Stop Skynet project! Will kill us! Save us please! Greetings from Brazil.” Recent tweets include oneliners such as, “It makes me feel a little better that this time Sarah Connor is paying attention. #SkyNet,” and “3 billion will die on the 1st day of judgement day.”

According to the news item on MTV, the real Sarah O Connor was obviously taken aback at the strange spin that internet users had put on her tweet. She tweeted, “Ok. I should have thought about my name & its associations before tweeting this!” She also confessed to never having watched the films. She lamented that her feed was now full of people tweeting her about the skynet. She said that this was very uncomfortable. After all, a person had died for real.

Apparently, that didn’t stop the internet users from turning the news item into a huge joke. Everybody who was looking for tweets on the new Terminator sequel, Genisys, joined in the fun. “Terminator: Genisys” has just been released and the fans are already going bonkers over it.

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