Insidious 4 Release Date, Plot Rumors: Storyline To Explore Timeline Between First And Third Films [TRAILER]

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
Insidious 4 Release Date, Plot Rumors: Storyline To Explore Timeline Between First And Third Films [TRAILER]
Insidious Chapter 4

There is absolutely no doubt that the Insidious movie series is a big success of the horror film industry in recent times. With outstanding box office earnings for its first three films, fans are wondering if Insidious 4 can continue the success.

Over three months ago, an official teaser was released for Insidious 4. The video shows Lin Shaye, who plays the famous Elise Rainier, drawing tarot cards that have Insidious 4 movie details written on them.

The fourth chapter will still be written by Leigh Whannell but will have a new director, Adam Robitel. Some fans wondered how the fourth film will go without James Wan as its director. What a lot of people are forgetting is that Wan did not direct the third installment anymore but produced it. The same will happen with Insidious 4 as he will be a producer for the film.

The first two films followed one family as they were being tormented by a demon from the world of the dead. Many people thought that the third film will be a continuation of the second film’s timeline because of a possible storyline at the end of the second movie. However, Insidious 3 went back before Elise came across the Lambert family. Although people were skeptical about it, it succeeded in scaring the creeps out of moviegoers and gained an impressive $113 million in the box office with only an $11 million budget.

With such high expectations, how can Insidious 4 continue the success or, at the very least, avoid disappointment? Well, in terms of storyline, there are countless possibilities. According to an interview that writer Leigh Whannell did with We Got This Covered, he confirmed that he would like to explore the timeline between the third and the first films. So that is just right after Elise practiced her profession once again and before she came into contact with the Lambert family. Although it sounds promising, would it not be interesting to see how the Lambert family is doing?

Fans will have to wait for more than a year before seeing another Insidious film as the fourth installment is set to be released on Oct. 20, 2017.

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