‘Insidious Chapter 3’ Movie Review, A Supposed-To-Be Scary Movie With No Chilling Effect Afterwards

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Insidious Chapter 3’ Movie Review, A Supposed-To-Be Scary Movie With No Chilling Effect Afterwards
Insidious Chapter 3

The level of invention between the two Insidious movies have surprised if not awed audiences. However, the third installment of the movie franchise, “Insidious Chapter 3”, didn’t seem to advance the level of originality mixed with interesting plot twists to the supernatural/possessed stories standard, according to CinemaBlend. There weren’t enough interesting scares that would make you tuck yourself behind the person sitting next to you or substantial twists to make you scream while watching.

“Insidious Chapter 3” was written and directed by Leigh Whannel, which is also his debut as a director. The third chapter of the movie was quite far off from the action we saw on the first Insidious film. It is in fact a prequel for both Insidious 1 and 2 and was set years before the making of the two other supernatural movies.

The story of “Insidious Chapter 3” revolves around a smart girl named Quinn Brenner played by Stefanie Scott. Quinn has been mourning about the loss of her mom and wanted to have the chance to talk to her again, continued CinemaBlend. Even as she warned several times by the psychic Elise Rainier played by Lin Shaye about the impending dangers of reaching out to the dead, she still pursued her wanting which have led to opening doors that should have stayed unopened!

The accident has left Quinn to be bedridden while being taken care of her dad played by Dermot Mulroney. However, her problems didn’t end there as demons would torment her at night in pursuit of trying their best to get her soul.

If you happen to be a keen viewer of weak supernatural movies in the last five years, then you’d probably know what’s going to happen next in “Insidious Chapter 3”. However, the unfortunate part of the movie is that it has forgotten to put the spotlight on the original B-plot rather it focused more on a generic storyline.

Although Quinn has gotten more of the limelight, it should have been Elise, played by Lin Shaye, who should have been the real star of “Insidious Chapter 3”. Her role as the psychic Elise has a deeper character throughout the film. But the writer/director of the film has failed to move away from the usual haunted family story of the previous Insidious movies.

As we all know, “Insidious Chapter 3” falls under the horror genre. It would have been better if they’ve given viewers a scare of a lifetime, the kind of leaving you pissing-your-pants. Unfortunately, it isn’t as scary as excepted! Meanwhile, cinematographer Brian Pearson and Leigh Whannel did try to be at par with the atmosphere created by directors John Leonetti and James Wan with the first two Insidious installments. However, the timing for the scare moments weren’t as good making it not-so-scary at all.

The only notable part we can remember that gave us the chills was a scene at the apartment hallway. It showed paying The Shining a homage but of course, it wasn’t that scary to leave you with a lot of sleepless nights!

“The Insidious Chapter 3” suggested the movie installments from the franchise isn’t over. Although “Insidious 2” didn’t live up as well with the original film, Chapter 3 feels like it is also a disappointment. Unless, filmmakers agree to get Elise the lead role, there aren’t much more to explore with the franchise. Overall, it seems more like a misguided movie which have entered a bigger picture.

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