Interactive Google Doodle Honors Ultraman Creator and Godzilla Co-Creator Eiji Tsuburaya

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Interactive Google Doodle Honors Ultraman Creator and Godzilla Co-Creator Eiji Tsuburaya

Wednesday’s Google Doodle released an interactive game on their homepage that pays tribute to the 114th birthday of late Japanese special effects pioneer and Godzilla co-creator, Eiji Tsuburaya.

The doodle helps its user produce one of Tsuburaya’s monster movies with the help of various steps and it is an amalgam of various virtual effects and short games.  It is possible the best way in which Google honors the Japanese innovator.

The doodle has an Avatar of Director Eiji Tsuburaya, “Ultraman” on its front and the moment you click on it, it leads you to follow the steps to ‘make’ a film.

Now – Let’s make a movie

  1. Glue the Building!

In the first step you will be asked to glue the building top. After doing it, a hoarding of Goggle is placed on top of the building.

  1. Dress the actor!

Help a man where his costume.

  1. Destroy the buildings!

In the third step you will be asked to destroy building using long green monstrous tentacle.

       4. Light the set!

Now light the set to begin your shooting

      5. Stomp the tanks!
In the firth step with the help of a giant red foot, stomp and destroy the tank.

     6. Connect the wires!

Here connect the wires to help the monster escape.

    7. Smash the containers!

You need to smash the containers to let the monster escape.

  1. Swat the spaceships!The next step is hitting and swatting the spaceships. The spaceship pokes the monster.

  9. Connect the harness!
This is an important step because you need to harness the hero (an animated version of Ultraman), so that he does not fall or gets hurt while shooting

  10. Follow the Hero!

The final step is to follow the hero (Ultraman) towards victory.
At the end all characters of the doodle along with the avatar of Eiji Tsuburaya appears, clap and celebrate your effort put in to make the film.

Those who are not familiar with Japanese science friction will be able to easily recognize the legacy of Tsuburaya’s work. The output of his works are classic film and TV images of actors fighting in rubber monster suits which used innovative lighting and camera techniques to add realism to his shots.

The director developed a famous genre known as “Tokusatsu”. He established Toho’s Visual Effects Department in 1939, where he trained an average of sixty craftsmen, technicians and cameramen and with director Ishiro Honda and producer Tomoyuki Tanaka he created the first Godzilla film in 1954.

In his extensive 50 years of career, Tsuburaya has worked on around 250 films, which includes the highly popular series of Ultraman, exported around the world and remains a hugely important piece of popular culture in Japan.

Till date Eiji Tsuburaya is considered as the ‘Godfather’ of Japanese special effects – in which Japan led way for decades in the film industry.

Photo Source: Google/Google Doodle

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