International Best Drama Emmy Winner ‘Utopia’ Won’t Be Revived in the UK Despite Award

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
International Best Drama Emmy Winner ‘Utopia’ Won’t Be Revived in the UK Despite Award
Gone Girl Premiere at the 52nd New York Film Festival, October 2014.

As reported on MNG in November, the British series “Utopia” was recognized as the Best Drama Series at the International Emmy Awards for 2014. Despite this prestigious honor, however, the network where the show has aired its two brief seasons in the United Kingdom has no interest in bringing it back. HBO in the United States, however, will still be doing its adaptation and thus will have even bigger shoes to fill. Read on for more about this news feature.

As confirmed on The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Channel 4 in the United Kingdom has expressed no interest in taking back its cancelation of “Utopia.” The show was reported as no longer moving forward with a third season last October after it ended its second season in August. The network, however, thanked the Emmys for its recognition of the conspiracy drama, along with “Educating Yorkshire,” a documentary series that also aired on Channel 4, which the award giving body also cited for Best in Nonscripted Entertainment.

"Both Utopia and Educating Yorkshire have been defining pieces in the creative renewal of Channel 4. It’s wonderful that they have been recognized internationally for their quality and unique tone of voice,” said Jay Hunt, the chief creative officer for Channel 4 in the report from THR.  

United Kingdom’s “Utopia” bested the other series from countries like Japan, which submitted “Yae’s Sakura,” France, which submitted “The Tunnel” and Chile, which submitted “Profugos.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly said that despite Channel 4’s resolve, HBO is still proceeding with its adaptation of the critically acclaimed series with no less than Gillian Flynn writing the script. She will be reunited with David Fincher for the project. The latter will work as director and producer of “Utopia’s” first season adaptation. Will this adaptation be able to replicate the recognition the original series has received?

Fincher is no stranger to the Emmys as his work for “House of Cards” as director was already nominated previously. When “Utopia” launches on HBO in America, it will then be eligible for an American Emmy nomination.

And that’s the word on “Utopia,” which, despite its Emmy win, will not have a third season in the UK. But its American adaptation on HBO with David Fincher at the helm is moving forward in the U.S.

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