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clive owen in Intruders

Juan gets these dreams about this faceless creature entering his room every night and tormenting him. This upsets his mother to such an extent that she seeks help from the church. The priest takes note of the weakening condition of the child and says that exorcism is the only option.

Mia’s story-telling about a faceless ghoul called Hollowface gets the better of her and she gets nightmare of the ghost visiting her. Her father John thinks that it is some real intruder and installs security cameras in and around the house so that he could trap him. But since there is no evidence and a hired detective also says that there is no room for suspicion; shared therapy is sought for the girl as well as father because it is believed that they need mental help and counseling. John however thinks that his daughter’s fears are real and not imagined ones. Mia’s mother is torn between her husband’s point of view and medical advice.

With Juan’s faceless demon tormenting him all the more, his mother readies to leave the place forever. As for John who is now living away from his family, he realizes that a terrible event in the past may have led to the emergence of ‘Hollowface’. So he races home to save his family only to find Hollowface in his house.

Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is an Academy Award winning director who won the recognition for his movie ‘Esposados’. He has also directed movies like ’28 weeks later’, ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Intacto’. Intruders has been written by Nicolás Casariego while Jaime Marques and Nicolás Casariego have written the screenplay.

English actor Clive Owen plays the role of John. He has said that it is one of his favorite roles considering he likes such kind of horror films where the emphasis is more on mind-play rather than cheap horror thrills. Clive has won a BAFTA and Golden Globe as well as an Oscar nomination for Closer (2004). His performances in movies like Sin City, Inside Man and the International have also been well-received.

Popular Spanish actress Pilar López de Ayala Arroyo plays the role of Lisa while Izan Corchero plays Juan. The role of Mia is essayed by Ella Purnell. Others in the cast of Intruders include Carice Van Houten, Mark Wingett, Lolita Chakrabarti, Daniel Bruhl, Adam Leese and Raymond Waring.

The movie has been shot extensively in London and Madrid.   The budget for Intruders is estimated to be $13,000,000.

Director Fresnadillo believes in slow-building of suspense and thrills rather than graphically repulsive scenes. It would be interesting to see if he is able to create enough mental conflicts and psychological thrills with Intruders. The movie releases in the UK on January 27, 2012 while the US release is on April 2012.

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