Iron Maiden Reveals ‘Book of Soul’ World Tour Dates; Band To Debut In China

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Iron Maiden Reveals ‘Book of Soul’ World Tour Dates; Band To Debut In China

The legendary heavy metal band, Iron Maiden has just disclosed world tour dates for their first studio double album, “Book of Souls” which has already unfasten at No. 1 in the U.K, and has kick started at No. 2 in Australia.

On Monday, the metal old-stager announced their concert dates along with their tour plan of Australia and New Zealand, and enumerated the worldwide tour which will begin in the U.S. in late February. The concluding show for Australia will be on May 14 at Perth, after which Iron Maiden will stage a twin concert in South Africa. Raven Age, led by George Harris, son of Iron Maiden and British Lion, bassist Steve Harris, will reinforce the group.

According to Billboard, Bruce Dickinson, the band’s vocalist will pilot a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet Ed Force One, via which the group will reach its international fans, carrying its illustrious trademark.

As per Iron Maiden’s Facebook, ,the tour will initiate with three shows in the U.S. going forward to Mexico, Central and South America, performing first time ever at El Salvador, followed by performances across more than ten cities covering the USA and, obviously, Canada. Iron Maiden also commits to make a “long awaited return” to Japan and perform for the first time in China.

While speaking with, Bruce Dickinson revealed that the band intents to present their new tracks totally in the set. He said, “Three songs off the new album is not enough. There’ll maybe be four or five.” Furthermore, Dickinson said that apart from new tracks, the band will also stage some of their masterworks and would also sing some public demands to make them delighted.

Till now, Iron Maiden has just disclosed seven coliseum concerts for Australia and New Zealand in April and May, while the tickets for the concert will be available on sale from Sept 24, and will be on pre-sale exclusively for Iron Maiden Fan Club members from Sept 17.

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Image Source: Iron Maiden website

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