‘Iron Man 4’: New Updates Reveal Robert Downey Jr. Will Star as Iron Man and New Rumors

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Iron Man 4’: New Updates Reveal Robert Downey Jr. Will Star as Iron Man and New Rumors

Ever since it was revealed by “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black that no matter what the issue is, Robert Downey Jr. will be back for another “Iron Man” movie, rumor mills have been running wild on what the actor will be doing this time around. Some of the new rumors about the film suggest that the movie might hit theaters soon. Read on for more details.

According to Latinos Health, the fourth installment in the franchise has been delayed. It was because Downey asked for a increase to his already high talent fee. Since the previous movie and the franchise in total have been so successful for Marvel Studios, chances are they would not mind paying him whatever the price he has asked for.

Despite all of this, it is believed that the actor will be returning for another movie. However, his return for a fourth installment would be a bit different. The three following rumors have currently been circulating around for a while.

First rumor states that Harley Kenner, the boy genius played by Ty Simpkins who met Tony in “Iron Man 3,” will become the next Iron Man. There are chances that it might be an idea for future films. If that is the case then, Kenner will be all grown up and after having realized that he is the perfect successor for the role of Iron Man, Tony might just pass his suit to him.

The second rumor states that the movie will release after Marvel’s phase three which could be somewhere in 2019.

Finally, the most important rumor surrounds the antagonist in the movie who is believed to be the terrorist organization Ten Rings. The terrorist group is originally run by megalomaniac Mandarin and the media outlet pointed everyone’s attention towards the movie “Ant-Man.” In the movie, a businessman visiting Pym Technologies was shown to be revealing a neck tattoo, which is said to be the symbol for Mandarin.

Now to what extent are the rumors true can only be verified once an official announcement is made. Till the time, fans can look forward to other projects that are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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