‘Iron Man 4’ Release Date: Possible Plot And Villains Revealed! Movie Franchise Confirmed?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Iron Man 4’ Release Date: Possible Plot And Villains Revealed! Movie Franchise Confirmed?
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Will there be an “Iron Man 4” this coming year? How will the story flow? Who are the possible villains this time? Read On!

The rumored “Iron Man 4” movie has been the “talk” in the town these past few weeks as fans started to speculate that maybe, the third installment was definitely not the last mind-blowing challenge to Tony Stark, and maybe the creators thought, “it’s such a shame if we stop from the third movie,” as we all know that “Iron Man” is definitely, no doubt, one of the most successful Marvel movie.

According to Master Herald, If ever a fourth part will be produced, the possible plot would probably feature Mary Jane Watson and Tony Stark’s romance.

Based on the site, Brian Michael Bendis, comic book creator of “Invisible Iron Man, MJ and Tony know each other way back before because Spiderman’s ex-girlfriend is living in the Avengers Tower. However, no further detail enclosed to the public. This new and unexpected twist will probably make the readers and fans hooked up to their seats

On the other hand, Movie News Guide was not the only site that thinks that there might be another “Iron Man” as Movie Pilot thought so too, and based on the site, if there will be a fourth installment then who among the villains in Marvel comics have the guts to fight Tony Stark.


Crimson Dynamo

We know that Crimson Dynamo died in “Iron Man 2” but it’s not new to us how writers could make this thing work out—by having a twist! We should keep in mind that in the world of movies, anything is possible. There could be someone else who could act as the villain, perhaps his son, Ivan Vanko or someone who’s close to Tony that has a hidden agenda to him. You know, in the world of superheroes, there’s also an unexpected bad guy on the loose.


Donnie Gill a.k.a Blizzard has the ability to freeze anything or anyone who comes in contact to him, unfortunately, this character from Agents of SHIELD was killed by Daisy Johnson. Although, we saw how his body sank to the bottom of the river, Daisy clearly said that his body has never been found which means, there’s a possibility that Blizzard was not killed by Daisy at all!

If Blizzard is indeed alive, he will probably avenge the people who caused him pain. And maybe, an Iron Man crossover might happen—remember, anything is possible!

The “Real” Mandarin

If the “villain” role will be based on having the ultimate reason to kill Iron Man, there’s no doubt that it will definitely be The “Real” Mandarin as he was the one who kidnapped Tony Stark in the first movie. He has the most obvious reason to get revenge as Iron Man destroyed his group’s hope to get hold of the most deadly weapon in the world.


He may not have a super power or super suit but being the leader of a terrorist group is enough to make him powerful. He could pay anyone to turn him into something or someone Iron Man will never expect. Who knows!

Living Lazer

Arthur Parks a.k.a Living Lazer has the ability of energy projection, invisibility, and illusion. If ever there will be another Iron Man installment, then this villain will certainly be a good opponent as it will surely give Tony Stark a hard time to figure out ways to fight him.

And last but definitely not the least, Titanium Man.

Boris Bullski a.k.a Titanium Man was created by the Soviet Union an opposite for US’ Iron Man. He almost won his fight with Iron Man as he was built to surpass our main hero, but of course, the protagonist always win in a superhero movie.

Well, there you have it! The possible villain for the rumored “Iron Man 4.”


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