Iron Man 4’: Will Captain America Survive In ‘Civil War’? Does Chris Evans Want To Be In It?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Iron Man 4’:  Will Captain America Survive In ‘Civil War’? Does Chris Evans Want To Be In It?
Iron Man 4

If we are to go by a recent report, the star cast of the movie  “Iron Man 4” might include the character of Captain America in it. In fact, Chris Evans has even said that in case that really happens, he would love to play the part in the movie.

The entire theory of Marvel Cinematic Universe has been started with the Iron Man series. This has indeed become the biggest excuse for Disney to mint money. Since the success of the two “Avengers” movies, a new superhero movie is being released after every few months.

Even films such as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Ant-Man” have been proved to be profitable projects. Both these films were based on roles that no one even cared or knew about before.

However, the low points in the series have been “Iron Man 2”, as well as “Iron Man 3”.  Robert Downey Jr and Nick Fury seem to be more or less omnipresent in the series.


The cast for “Iron Man 4” does not seem to be solid yet. According to a report by Inquisitr, Downey has been asking for a hike in his price in the movie if he is chosen in the film. Though Disney might have the money, but they might as well draw the line and do a recasting.

But, if they do agree to Robert’s request, and makes a new solo film with him, Evans is also interested to be added in the star cast of the “Iron Man 4” as shared in an interview given to a magazine.

This is an era where one can see superheroes appearing in each other’s movies quit often. So there might be a strong likelihood of that happening. Who can forget Hawkeye and Nick Fury making appearances together in “Thor”. There are many other examples of similar joint appearances.

This news for “Iron Man 4” might also signify that there would be a significant deviation from the storyline of the ‘Civil War” comic book. In the original story Agent Carter and Crossbones shoots Captain America and eventually dies. However, if the character reappears in the “Iron Man 4” cast and just not in a flashback sequence, it means he did not die as “Captain America: Civil War” concluded.



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