‘Iron Man 4:’ Will Robert Downey Jr Continue Being Tony Stark?

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Iron Man 4:’ Will Robert Downey Jr Continue Being Tony Stark?

For the fourth installment of the “Iron Man” franchise, Robert Downey Jr. will continue playing as the genius, billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark; confirms Director Shane Black. However, the filming of the movie is currently on hold till Marvel Studios and Downey Jr. reach an agreement on the actor’s fee. Read on for more details.

Rumors regarding the retirement of the 50-year-old actor as “Iron Man” has been circulating for awhile. However, the hearsay and fear has been silenced when Black confirmed that the “Sherlock Holmes” actor will reprise his role for “Iron Man 4.”

Filming delay is due to the salary negotiation happening between Downey and Marvel. Reports say that the “Tropic Thunder” actor is asking the studio for an increase in his $50 million dollar acting fee.

According to Inquisitr, the studio is not closing its doors to the actor’s request given that “Iron Man 3” earned a whooping $1.2 billion dollars in cinemas worldwide. The only problem before any filming can commence is getting a fix on what number Marvel and Downey finds fair.

Whether or not the increase of Downey goes through, his salary for the past years has earned him the title of the third highest paid male actor for three consecutive years. On top of the salary he earned for “Iron Man 3” and “Marvel’s Avengers,” Downey will be paid $40 million for simply appearing in the upcoming film “Captain America: Civil War,” as reported by MasterHerald.

While the RDJ fans are waiting for the green light for “Iron Man 4,” they can catch a glimpse of their favorite actor as he goes head-to-head with Chris Evans’ Steve Rodgers in “Captain America 3” on May 2016.

Do you think that both camps can reach a deal for “Iron Man 4?” Does Marvel Need To Start Looking For A Replacement For RDJ? Is it even possible? If so who do you think can replace the iconic actor? Tell us your opinion by commenting below.

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