‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor:’ Know 3 Similarities Between the two Movies

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor:’ Know 3 Similarities Between the two Movies

They are both an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in their way have proved a much higher purpose in the cinematic universe by giving us two of the most powerful Marvel heroes. However, as much as we think about both of them, there are quite a few similarities between both the heroes’ first solo adventure. Here are 3 similarities that we noticed:


  1. 1. Both Iron Man and Thor had a legacy to take forward, Iron Man had Stark Enterprises and Thor had the throne of Asgard. However, in both the cases there were close associates who were secretly their biggest nemesis and proved to be a hindrance. In Tony’s case, it was Obadiah Stane and in Thor’s case, it was Loki. Obadiah was Tony’s second in command but eventually turned on him and even built a suit of his own to destroy Tony. Loki on the other hand was Thor’s adopted brother who was so desperate to come out of Thor’s shadow and prove himself more worthy that he even tried to kill Thor.
  2. 2. According to Movie Pilot, it was self-realization that made these heroes who they are. It was only after realization in their respective scenarios that they realized who they were without their resources and how they were being reckless when they had them. Tony was rotting in Afghanistan after getting captured by Ten Rings and Thor was banished to Earth when he dared to go against the Almighty Odin. It was after their struggles that they became better men.
  3. 3. Finally, both the movies had two villains where the secondary one met his death. In “Iron Man,” there was a second in command terrorist in Ten Rings who met Tony and tried to explain what they want from him. Remember the man who was captured by Tony after the latter punched a hole in the wall and threw him in front of the public? In “Thor,” Loki let Laufey, the Frost Giant inside Asgard and even took him to a point where Laufey was about to kill Odin. It was perhaps to prove himself as a real hero that Loki himself killed the frost monster.


Meanwhile, “Thor: Ragnarok” has begun production in Atlanta and will be soon shooting there for a 2017 release. As far as “Iron Man 4” is concerned, The Christian Post reported that negotiations between Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr. haven’t reached anywhere regarding him reprising his role in the fourth installment. If Marvel Studios agrees to pay what Robert is asking for, he would definitely be a part of “Iron Man 4.” Until then, “Captain America: Civil War” will see him donning the suit again.

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