Is ‘1984’ Katy Perry’s Revenge Song On Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’? Battle Of Celebrity Birth Years Begin!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Is ‘1984’ Katy Perry’s Revenge Song On Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’? Battle Of Celebrity Birth Years Begin!
Taylor Swift

Brewing feuds among celebrities which have taken the spotlight at the moment are among singers, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The two have been reported to have “bad blood” towards each other. Let’s find why. Here’s the scoop!

Katy Perry has thrown a dose at Taylor Swift after registering her song “1984,” reported Refinery 29. We do know that Tay-Tay’s album “1989” could have a similar concept since the two years were obviously the birth years for both singers, respectively.

The alleged bad blood between the two artists allegedly started during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Fans speculated that the “Blank Space” singer’s BFF Selena Gomez has thrown the first shot at the “Dark Horse” singer after being seen with jet black hair similar to that of Katy’s. A report coming from Yahoo! Celebrity said that Taylor never confirmed the matter but she did gave a hint that she is complete enemies with whomever the song was directed.

On the other hand, rumors suggested that the rift between Katy and Taylor did not just happen during the awards’ night. It said that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift started to have a rift after the former dated the latter’s ex, John Mayer. Other rumors said that the fight started over their backup dancers.

Meanwhile, Gawker released a plausible theory behind the Katy Perry’s “1984” although we do think it can be quite farfetched. It said that Katy presumably has written the song on the current lives of people who are under observation and how the NSA tried hard to keep close watch on everyone. It also added that the song may have been inspired by the concept of Big Brother.

Pop stars are known to seldom take that route but of course, we do think there’s always a first time for everything. We will be keeping a close watch on whatever’s going on between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

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