Is Justin Bieber Texting Selena Gomez Again?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Is Justin Bieber Texting Selena Gomez Again?
Selena Gomez

While on the show of Ryan Seacrest, Selena Gomez was distracted by a text message that was sent by a ‘cute’ guy.

Selena Gomez was on Ryan Seacrest show for promoting her new album, “Revival” where she was distracted by a text message. On being quizzed by Ryan, the 23 year old Gomez did not reveal much but instead left her fans to scratch their brains over the name of this lucky guy!

As per reports of Hollywoodlife Selena just said that a cute guy texted her. Keeping the suspense on, she gave a major clue about this anonymous guy. According to her the guy has brown hair.

Although the clue is not all that big, it points out to the fact that Bieber has also dyed his hair blonde. So is it Bieber who is texting Gomez again?

If rumors are to be believed, Bieber is dating model Xenia Deli and in such case he is not going to text her ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Considering the other part of the story, recently on an Australian radio show, Bieber talked about his current relationship status. He said, “He is still single after his breakup with Gomez and revealed that he doesn’t want to enter a relationship anytime soon because he’s still reeling from his previous coupling with Selena Gomez.” stated Eonline.

Even in his recent music video, “what do you mean?” viewers noticed Selena’s graffiti, which according to Bieber was there by mistake and neither he nor his team is responsible for it.

Looking down into history, one will see that many times before, Gomez has mysteriously appeared in the music videos of Justin Bieber.

Another report by j-14 says that the mysterious guy could also be Nick Jones and if it is him texting Selena then there’s no chill.

Whosoever the cute guy may be, one thing is for sure  – Selena Gomez has left the guessing game on. Just keep guessing before she speaks more about the guy and enjoy her new album.

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