Is Kendall Jenner Currently Dating Justin Bieber’s Friend Alfredo Flores?

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Is Kendall Jenner Currently Dating Justin Bieber’s Friend Alfredo Flores?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard | Kendall Jenner at the Cannes Film Festival

With a nice large family and a good career, who wouldn’t want to have what Kendall Jenner has? And the list has just grown now that her good friend, celebrity photographer and videographer Alfredo Flores just got in the picture. However, the question is, are they really just good friends?

According to a source for Heat Magazine, as cited by SugarScape, Jenner and Flores are quite close friends, especially since they have a guy like Justin Bieber for a mutual friend (or in Flores’ case, very best friend). It’s not much of a surprise that they get to hang out a lot together with other celebrities. Flores reportedly even helped Jenner in working out some good modelling poses for her work. Eventually, their friendship grew into something more, and Jenner and Flores started going out just recently.

Flores reportedly even met the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family already. As it turned out, Jenner’s brother-in-law, Kanye West, took quite a liking to Flores that they have already planned on doing some projects together.

The rumoured couple’s good friend, Bieber, actually even helped out in planning one of their outings, wherein Flores managed to hire out a part of the LA County Museum of Art for his and Jenner’s private use. Then he set up a romantic dinner surrounded by a private display of some of his favorite photos of Jenner. The source also added that if everything’s good to go between them, they might even head out to the Coachella Music Festival together this coming April.

As of the moment, neither Jenner nor Flores has confirmed that they really are dating. Nevertheless. with their respective careers flourishing quite well lately, perhaps things will spice up a bit if they both decide to add a bit of romance into their lives for now.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard


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