Is Kylie Jenner’s No Make-Up Selfie Enough to Shut Off Haters and Plastic Surgery Rumors? Sources Close to ‘KUWTK’ Star Slam Rumors of Breast Implants

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Kylie Jenner slams never-ending rumors about her infamous lips as she posted a no-make-up-look selfie on Instagram. Will this be enough to quiet haters and plastic surgery rumors? Read on to learn more about the scoop.

Kylie Jenner is very well known for her plump lips, which has sparked rumors that Jenner has undergone some form of plastic surgery. And while Jenner recently opened up to Cosmopolitan that she has never had surgery and most of what people noticed on her are all thanks to her make-up skills.

“My face is going to get different. Now I know how to do my makeup, contour, and everything,” said Jenner in Cosmopolitan’s February 2015 issue. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star also said that she’s not against plastic surgery, but she doesn’t have any plans of going under the knife right now.

Jenner’s interview with Cosmopolitan was not enough to shut rumors down. As a matter of fact, another rumor surfaced after the 17-year-old star posted a photo of her wearing a top with a low neckline (showing off her boosted assets), which sparked rumors about Jenner having a boob job done.

Sources from TMZ have slammed Jenner’s latest plastic surgery rumor and said that Jenner owes her boosted assets thanks to Victoria’s Secret. According to their sources, Jenner recently bought a new Victoria’s Secret bra (aptly named as “Bombshell”), which claims to boost your bust size by 2 cups and posted the photo to show everyone the effects of the wonder bra. Apparently, even Kim, Kris, Khloe and Kourtney have ordered some for themselves.

Now that boob job rumors have been resolved, Jenner posted another selfie on Instagram to quiet rumors about lip injection and surgery. The 17-year-old posted a photo of herself without any make-up on to prove that her lips are plump thanks to her make-up skills.

Was this enough to shut down rumors about her lips? We don’t think so. Her lips still look as plump even without the heavy make up. turned to experts, which claimed that Jenner definitely had some fillers on her lips. Some fans also commented on her Instagram post and mocked her statement about using a lip liner to plump up her lips. One thing we can say about this photo, though, is that Jenner looked really great without her heavy make-up.

Do you think Kylie Jenner really did go under the knife to achieve her full, plump lips? Sound off in the comments!

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