Is Selena Gomez Now Dating Businessman Harith Bukhash?

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

After a rather stressful year being chased by rumors about her and Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez finally got the pampering she needed during her Dubai vacation — all thanks to businessman and talent manager Harith Bukhash. So are the two jumping from friends to regular dates now?

Gomez met Bukhash during her vacation with friends to Dubai for New Year. According to, Bukhash and his two brothers jointly own a Dubai-based boutique talent agency named Bukhash Brothers, alongside his other businesses and personal interests. Apparently, it was due to his agency that he connected with Gomez and her friends, since he was charged to planning their trip.

During their trip, it was said that Gomez and Bukhash were rather close to each other.

“She is having the best time of her life in Dubai. She really bonded with Harith. He has helped show Selena how she really deserves to be treated, like a princess. Plus, he makes her laugh and that’s all they have been doing while in Dubai, laughing and having fun!” a source told

Wow, looks like things started off pretty well for Gomez for the beginning of 2015. So are Gomez and Bukhash dating now?

Sorry, but the answer is no. Apparently, because he had his eyes on someone else in the star-studded crowd!

According to, Gomez and Bukhash are just good friends, and if Bukhash were really interested with Gomez, he would have already had her in a split second because he reportedly “sees himself as a player that gets who he wants, when he wants.”

Despite of Gomez and Bukhash looking quite good together during the trip, his eyes were actually set on Shay Mitchell, not Gomez. Although, the source added that Bukhash also didn’t end up hooking up with Mitchell.

Too bad Selena Gomez didn’t get to have a new guy for the New Year, but at least she started the year quite well, don’t you think? Post your comments below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Amanda Nobles


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