Is This What a £9000 First Class Airfare Ticket Looks Like? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Is This What a £9000 First Class Airfare Ticket Looks Like? [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Adrian Pingstone | British Airways Airbus A319-100 (G-EUPU) landing at London Heathrow Airport, England, 19 November 2005.

When you buy something expensive, chances are you’re expecting that item to be worth it. No matter what it is — a bag, hotel room, or even an airline ticket. So imagine the surprise that a TV news presenter discovered when he purchased first class tickets for a flight to the Caribbean.

Owen Thomas, a TV news presenter, decided to go all out for his trip to the Caribbean. Instead of skimping on his vacation, he decided to buy first class tickets with British Airways worth £9000. Hoping that this would be a “trip of a lifetime,” imagine the horror that awaited Thomas as he discovered just how filthy his first class seat was. Definitely not worth such an expensive price!

For this, the ex BBC anchorman decided to post evidence of just how horrific his experience with the airline was. Opting to do a video, Thomas dubbed the service as “Filth Class” and posted it on his Twitter account.

The 30-second short clip was narrated by Thomas, and he explains just how “abs filthy” the first class experience BA gave to him. According to Thomas, the marks on the seat could be scraped off. Not to mention, there are stains on his seat. Upon opening his seat, he discovers that the stains are readily available for everyone to see.

“This is first class. This is British Airways’ First Class. It’s disgusting,” Thomas remarked.

Together with a companion, Thomas took a flight to St. Lucia on board a British Airways flight in peak-season of January 2015. Along with his business executive partner, they flew out of Gatwick on a Saturday morning for what was supposedly a luxurious 10-day break. He decided that the trip would be something he would remember forever so he did not skimp on the £9000 price tag. It was indeed something he would remember.

“My partner, Kai and I took this trip after a stressful couple of years where we’ve both been working in different countries,” Thomas said.

Thomas shares that they are not part of the jet-setting community. They saved up for this “once in a lifetime opportunity.” With the experience he received, Thomas shares that he was “really appalled.”

MailOnline contacted British Airways for their side of the story. According to them, they had already apologized for the poor state of their First Class seats and had admitted to falling short of their “usual high standards.” The airline company has also recently announced that they were splitting their marketing department and undergoing major restructuring in the hopes of bringing the unit closer to its commercial operations.

We hope they fix this issue soon. Watch the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Adrian Pingstone

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