Shadowhunters Season 2B: Isaiah Mustafa Talks Clary & Simon Romance, Uniting Downworlders

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Shadowhunters Season 2B: Isaiah Mustafa Talks Clary & Simon Romance, Uniting Downworlders
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Luke Garroway is not going to come between Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Simon (Alberto Rosende). According to Isaiah Mustafa, while his character definitely feels overprotective over Jocelyn’s (Maxim Roy) daughter, the werewolf has no plans to split them up. Besides, as one of the leaders of the Downworld, Luke is about to get busy trying to unite werewolves, vampires, seelies and warlocks in Shadowhunters Season 2b.

The Downworlders Come Together For A Common Cause

The Shadow World is on red alert: last winter finale saw the Soul Sword, one of the Mortal Instruments handed by the Angel Raziel to the Shadowhunters, activated. Everyone is in grave danger.

But Luke has a plan. The werewolf wants to unite all Downworlders in the fight against Valentine (Alan Van Sprang). “I think [Luke’s] plan is actually to kind of come together with the rest of the Downworld, and he knows it’s kind of a tough road to go down,” he told Hidden Remote. “So I think you kind of have to start with vampires, and then move on to the Seelies, and the warlocks are always pretty cool. But it’s just a matter of trying to bring those four groups together and seeing what happens.”

But at least, he is already allied with one of the leaders of the Downworld. Luke already has a good relationship with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.), the High Warlock of Brooklyn. And while Luke does not really like Raphael (David Castro), Mustafa added that Luke understands that Simon needs him to navigate the Downworld. So Luke has to maintain a good relationship with Raphael.

However, uniting with the seelies might prove to be a problem. Luke has a not-so-pleasant past with Meliorn (Jade Hassoune), a dashing faerie knight who is a little pissed off. “[Luke] brought up his face, and the Queen did something to his face, and you know… it’s a touchy subject,” Mustafa explained. But he is confident that his character will be able to mend his relationship with Meliorn in the future.

Luke Breaks Off Climon?

Mustafa also talked about the relationship between Clary and Simon. After years of being best friends, the two finally realized their feelings for each other. Now, their romance is official. But what does Luke feel about that?

The actor admits that Luke is very much like every dad. “I can say that you never want anyone to date your daughter,” Mustafa commented. “you just want to put her in a little protective bubble so the world doesn’t really get in there and corrupt.”

However, he will not force Clary to stop seeing Simon. Because Luke knows that Simon is a good kid, he trusts the vampire. Mustafa shared that Luke thinks that Simon is a good choice for Clary because he is confident that the bespectacled Downworlder will do everything to protect everyone, especially Clary.

But will their love last in Shadowhunters Season 2b? The remaining ten episodes will see the introduction of Sebastian (Will Tudor). The Shadow World is already thrown into chaos with the activation of the Mortal Sword, one of the Mortal Instruments. However, fans can be assured that Sebastian will provide more conflict when he enters the arena.

According to Todd Slavkin in an interview with EW, Sebastian will complicate the relationship on the show. Fans of the book know that he has a very special relationship with Clary. That being said, Clary and everyone around her should be wary of the new character.

The showrunner shared that the Tudor is a welcome addition to the cast of the teen urban fantasy series. He assured that the actor brings a new “level” that has never been seen before.

Shadowhunters Season 2b will premiere on June 5 on Freeform.

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