It’s All About Fighting Back in ‘Insurgent’ Trailer 3 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
It’s All About Fighting Back in ‘Insurgent’ Trailer 3 [WATCH VIDEO]

Continuing the trend of young adult (YA) dystopia series, Summit Entertainment releases the third trailer for “Insurgent,” and it’s more directive than the first two that were shown. Read on to know more about this preview.

The current trend in the blockbuster films lately is inclined with YA dystopia series and superheroes — both gunning to make a difference in a world of pretense. Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series managed to maintain its existence when it was adapted into the big screen, and it led Summit Entertainment to continue the franchise with “Insurgent.” The first two trailers that they released will bring confusion to nonreaders of the book, but many claim that they were huge giveaways to the movie’s main plot. However, it would seem that their distribution company are setting the record straight with “Insurgent’s” third and latest trailer as Tris and her fellow Divergents decide to finally fight back.

“You are living proof that the Divergent problem has grown beyond all control. You are the key, Tris, to rescue the little civilization we have left.” – The third trailer for “Insurgent” entitled “Fight Back” is focused on the implementation of the factions and the eradication of those who try to destroy it. The one-minute trailer previews the few sequences in the aftermath of Tris’s (Shailene Woodley) and Four’s (Theo James) escape, and then there are mixed scenes about them making the stand because of the difference they uphold in their current society. Back to back fighting sequences with some “Inception” like scenes that concerns Tris breaking the particles of the dimension she is in.

Check out “Insurgent’s” official synopsis here.

“Insurgent” opens in theaters this March 20, 2015.

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