IU’s Covers Big Bang and Wonder Girls Songs During Melody Forest Camp 2015 [WATCH VIDEOS]

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
IU’s Covers Big Bang and Wonder Girls Songs During Melody Forest Camp 2015 [WATCH VIDEOS]
한국어: [직찍] 14.10.17 롯데카드 Moov in 인천 아이유. October 17, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/안쓰.tistory.com/Uploaded by Puramyun31

Music festivals, ever since, have always been a special treat for fans of local and international bands who perform in them. For some fans, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to listen to their favorite performers sing and perform live on stage; while for others, it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beauty and power of music. One such opportunity happened last weekend thanks to the Melody Forest Camp 2015, where local artists, such as the singer IU performed, live, in front of their fans. Read on to learn more about IU’s performance during last weekend’s Melody Forest Camp 2015.


Last July 25, 2015, the singer IU, according to Soompi, confirmed that she would be performing at this year’s Melody Forest Camp music festival. It transpired over the weekend, along with other artists such as Yoon Hyun Sang, Kim Ye Rim, and many others.

According to All K Pop, aside from performing her own songs, she also performed her own rendition of Big Bang’s “If You” and the Wonder Girls’ “I Feel You.”

IU has been very vocal about being a fan of YG Entertainment’s Big Bang, and specifically of Taeyang, which is most probably the reason why she chose to cover a song of theirs. Despite the fact that Big Bang songs hard to cover and sing, IU managed to hold her own, came up with a wonderful rendition of the heartbreaking song.

With regards to her performance of the Wonder Girls’ “I Feel You”, aside from just singing the song, she, along with several male back up dancers, danced some of the dance moves in the original music video twice. This, of course, was received well by the audience, who, upon applauding her, made her laugh a little as an audience member called her “a dancing machine.”

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Check out the links below to see IU’s covers.

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Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/안쓰.tistory.com/Uploaded by Puramyun3



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