iZombi star Rose Mciver advices cast of new Power Ranger

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
iZombi star Rose Mciver advices cast of new Power Ranger
Rose Mciver with a wise smile.

According to recent reports published in Gamer Sphere, Rose Mciver, who is playing an important role in the highly entertaining show “iZombie,” is advising new power Rangers as an ex-Ranger. Before she played her role on “iZombie” series and in other similar shows like “Once Upon a Time” and “Masters of Sex”, Rose McIver was fighting bad guys as the Yellow Ranger on “Power Rangers RPM”. When the cast for the new “Power Rangers” movie was assembled, former Ranger Rose Mciver had felt to advise them .

The ” iZombie” star Rose Mciver has played an important role of “Summer Landsdown” of “Ranger Operator Series Yellow”  in the 2009’s version of the franchise “Power Rangers RPM”.  The “Power Ranger” show evolved with the story that focuses on the Rangers who are now named “Ranger Operators”. These “Ranger Operators” fought against Venjix, who is an AI computer virus and is shown as the evil villain in the story. Venjix builds a robotic army and with their help trying to take control of the world.

According to recently published report of Rose Mciver’s interview, she advised the new Rangers to relax and enjoy the role while playing it. When an IGN reporter asked her about her advice for new Rangers of the upcoming new Power Rangers movie, she replied by saying that it was the funniest experience of her life . She advised the new Rangers to stay relaxed and enjoy the role while shooting. She also forbade them from getting too serious on any thing as they have to fight rubber-made monsters in rubber-made costumes, which sounds very funny by itself. She also mentioned that she feels great to be part of this show, which was so popular among her peers when she was a child and continues to be so among children of today’s generation. She believes that this show is a  “transcend to one particular generation.” So, she advises the new Rangers that one need to enjoy it while playing it .

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Rose Mciver


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