iZombie Recap: The Kung Fu Zombie

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
iZombie Recap: The Kung Fu Zombie

iZombie” Episode 4 “Liv and Let Clive” aired on Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. The episode kicks off with Liv Moore visiting Major with fresh, hot coffee. While she talks with a half-naked Major near the stairs, an attractive girl appears. Read on to know what happens next.

Despite her obvious uneasiness back at Major’s house, Liv tells Ravi that she is proud of her composure from what she has seen. Suddenly, Clive enters the lab and sees the corpse. Turns out, he knows the dead person named Sammy Wong really well. Then, Liv immediately sees a vision of Clive beating a guy while yelling at her.

After Clive left the room, Liv tells Ravi that she thinks Clive is a “dirty cop.” Ravi says that a person must never jump to conclusions. Strangely, Liv starts shifting the conversation into how upset she was that the girl was wearing Major’s shirt. She continues to blabber about random unnecessary things. She even asks Ravi to be Major’s housemate, so he can watch over Major. Ravi tells her that Sammy’s brain might be giving her anxiety and paranoia.

Liv ignored Ravi’s remark to let go of her assumptions about Clive. She goes to the police station to ask about him. While she talks with a female detective, Liv finds out that Clive got suspended before.

Later, Liv and Ravi go to a video rental shop to investigate. Liv pretends to be a flirty girl as she speaks to the shopkeeper about Ray. When the guy left to call Ray, Liv sees a snake mural. Suddenly, she sees a vision of thugs beating another guy and threatening to put wasabi on his eye.

Back to the present, the shopkeeper calls the thugs Liv has seen in her vision. The goons all have cobra tattoos. Liv and Ravi casually say goodbye to them and get out of danger. Outside, they see Clive entering the store. The shopkeeper sees them spying and calls somebody. Liv and Ravi run away.

Later at night in their home, Evan notices Liv being paranoid near the window. Liv keeps on asking him if somebody is watching them outside. Evan tells her that she is just being anxious, so Liv decides to take a shower first.

After taking a bath, Liv sees Clive and Evan waiting for her. Clive is furious why she went to the police station to ask about him. He insists that she must back off from the investigation. He explains that Sammy was part of the Federal Witness Protection.

While Ravi is examining Sammy’s corpse, Major enters to talk to him about being his housemate. Ravi is appalled by Liv’s impulsive move. Despite the uneasiness, he tells Liv after she arrived that he is going to live with Major. However, Liv is preoccupied and talks about Clive threatening her to stay away from Sammy’s case. She assures Ravi that she never talks about her recent visions to Clive. She tells him to put a tracker on Clive’s car. Ravi tries to calm her down.

Outside, Liv still puts the tracker on the car’s wheel. Suddenly, she sees the shopkeeper again. She attempts to chase him but loses her balance. Lying on the ground, she sees another vision again. But this time, she is the one who is tortured by the thugs. Seeing Clive in the present, she stands up like a martial artist. She is amazed she can do kung fu.

Liv runs to Clive and tells him about Sammy’ death. She confronts him about her visions and assumptions that he is a dirty cop. Clive still tells her to mind her own business.

Meanwhile, Blaine offers a gourmet brain dish to his assistants. While the guys are enjoying the meal, Blaine confronts them about their plan in betraying him to make their own business. Without any hesitation, he draws his gun and shoots the men directly in the head.

Liv apologizes to Clive through the phone while folding the laundry. Clive assures her that everything is okay already. After putting down the phone, Liv sees one of the Cobras inside her home. She is helpless while the thug is beating her. Suddenly, her martial arts skills emerge. She fights back, but the goon is just stronger than her. After the guy picked a sharp glass from the broken mirror, he hears someone entering the house. Sensing that Evan is in danger, Liv goes rage mode. Evan enters the room and sees his sister beating the guy senseless.

Later, cops enter the house to arrest the goon. Clive explains to Liv that he was pretending to be one of the bad guys to investigate the case of his dead partner. Thankfully, it is all good between the two.

Meanwhile, Blaine calls Jackie to thank her for the information about his traitors. After the call, he puts out another phone owned by someone named Jerome. He receives a text from Major and answers, “It’s all good.” Then he smashes the phone into the ground. He and his assistant proceed to extract the corpse’s brain.

There you have it for the recap on “iZombie” Episode 4 “Liv and Let Clive” aired on April 7. Catch the next episode on April 14. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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