‘iZombie’ Season 2 Spoilers: Will There Be Another Lowell In The Next Season?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘iZombie’ Season 2 Spoilers: Will There Be Another Lowell In The Next Season?
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Is it another heartbreak for the “iZombie” fans? Will the TV series’ upcoming Season 2 would bring another Lowell to further give the fans a heartbreaking episodes? Here’s what the executive producer of the show said. Read on for more details.

According to the “iZombie” executive producer Rob Thomas, he is actually proud about how Bradley James’ Lowell Tracy character has flowed and that also includes his early death in the popular mystery-solving zombie series. However, although he likes how James’ character ended, he was really shocked that fans reacted otherwise.

Lowell’s character made many fan’s heart flutter. He acts as the musician and fellow zombie who fell in love with Rose McIver’s character, Liv Moore. This love plot captured the attention of several fans and his sudden death definitely broke their hopeful hearts of having a unique zombie love story.

Thomas admitted that there had been no social media presence during the “Veronica Mars” era. He actually did not really expect that fans would have a negative reaction about Lowell’s death, nor feel the brunt of the fans’ anger whenever a character in the series is set to die.

But this time, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were so affected by the plot flow, saying that they will never forgive the show’s creator for they had done to Lowell.

So, since there was no way to change the negative reactions of the fans, the i09 asked Thomas what part of the season he like to change or wished he could have done.

According to the show runner’s interview, he was really sorry about what happened to Lowell.

“The response to the death of Lowell..I had no idea how that—that shocked me.” Thomas said.

He revealed that he was actually like, ‘they cast a cute guy from Merlin and then they will going to kill him?’ “…it was heartbreaking,” Thomas said.

Does this mean there is a possibility that Lowell will have a comeback or they are just toying the fans?

From what has been recently revealed the season 2 story plot, it looks like Liv won’t have time to socialize with anyone nor have any mutual attraction to any charming zombies out there. She is reportedly be starting the new season by pushing people away, including Max, her ex-fiance, who finally knew her secret.

As for the possibility of Liv-Blaine getting together in the near future, Thomas clearly stated he didn’t think that it would work.

Do you think Liv Moore deserves to meet another Lowell in “iZombie” or should she just focus on solving mysteries alone?

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