J K Rowling Discloses ‘Harry Potter’ Secrets

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
J K Rowling Discloses ‘Harry Potter’ Secrets

The author of the “Harry Potter” fantasy series, J.K. Rowling has released a handful of new essays on Pottermore. Read on to know more about the secrets of “Harry Potter.” Read on.

According to ET, the first secret revealed by Rowling is how Petunia and Vernon Dursley met. Petunia initially did not know who James Potter was. Hence, she was in search of a person who was an anti-James Potter. She had grown with a sensation of anger and bitterness on her witch sister named Lily. Therefore, she escaped from her residence and managed to acquire a job in London. There he met the materialistic and opinionated Vernon.

The second secret is the character of Vernon, which Rowling mentioned as the “Worst.” When Petunia admitted that her sister was a witch, Vernon was intensely shocked.

“However, he told Petunia solemnly that he would never hold it against her that she had a freak for a sister.” Rowling said.

The third secret is Petunia’s desire to be a witch. Petunia always wanted that she would show signs of magic “and be spirited to Hogwarts.” However, she had never revealed her wish to her husband. She also had a guilty feeling in her mind about the way she had removed her sister Lily out of her life.

The fourth secret is Vernon hated Harry because of James. Vernon’s first meet with James did not go well. It was as described by Rowling in the “Vernon and Petunia” chapter. This bad experience not only influenced Petunia’s relationship with Lily, but also Vernon grew with a partial feeling of disgust for Harry.

The fifth secret is Hermione Granger broke a ministry of magic law.

“Both Mr. Weasley and Hermione were acting unlawfully when they enhanced, respectively, the interior space of the Ford Anglia, and a small handbag,” said Rowling, as reported by Cinema Blend.

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