J. Lo. Wants Cocaine Under Mark Wahlberg

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If you know about Mark Wahlberg, you would know he’s one busy man. Either he’s busy directing movie or acting in one. And sometimes, even acting in his own directed movie. At other times, when you won’t hear any news of him acting in or directing any movie, he would probably be busy in producing any TV serial. And on occasions, when none of these pieces of news would be heard, you would hear about him raising a few bunch of kids. That’s how he is.

However, the following news would ease his current hectic schedule a bit. As everyone knows, he is working on a movie project named “Cocaine Cowboys” right now that is based on a documentary film that was directed by Billy Corben in 2006. Its a known fact that the most important and difficult part of producing a movie is to find a relevant star-cast for it. That’s indeed exhausting and time-consuming. Well, Mark got lucky here. How? thanks to J. Lo. Yes, you heard it right. Jennifer Lopez has shown her interest on working in this movie. Rumors have it that she has been contacting Mark for it from quite some time now. To go by the news, they say that she wants to play the “godmother”‘ character, that was played by Griseida Blanco originally.

He made an announcement on the radio show “Sway in the Morning” today morning that his movie project is finally working out as per his wants. He admitted that Jennifer has been chasing him for this role like crazy and this is one role that could win anyone the Academy Award. He added that if he could play this role, he would. Now that’s interesting. Why can’t he play this role? Ohh, I guess this isn’t that kind of movie. And does that mean that even Eddie Murphy will not be playing all the remaining crime family characters in the movie? Sad that is!

However, just analyzing the situation, J.Lo wants this role desperately and right now, she’s on the peek of her career. So much popular she is. I guess she’s the perfect choice for this role at present. Mark shouldn’t be too harsh on her by not even giving her a chance. And here’s a small piece of advice for Jen. Forget about the “Maid in Manhattan” and shift all your concern on “Enough”. She’s so hot and pretty that I guess there’s no one else who could stand above her for the role. Let’s wait and watch for Mark’s final call.

J. Lo. Wants Cocaine Under Mark Wahlberg
J. Lo. Wants Cocaine Under Mark Wahlberg



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