J.R.R. Tolkien Lives in Two New Biopics

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
J.R.R. Tolkien Lives in Two New Biopics
24 year old J.R.R. Tolkien in army uniform, 1916

All good stories must come to an end. Everyone knows that. However, with every ending, there is always a new beginning. By the end of 2014, fantasy and Tolkien fans will join Peter Jackson as he closes the doors on the “Lord of the Rings” saga — one that started with the original trilogy, “The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” in 2001. The saga  is ending the third instalment of “The Lord of the Rings” prequel, “The Hobbit,” on December 18, 2014 with “The Battle of the Five Armies.”  However, all is not lost as fans will have a treat that will satisfy their cravings for anything Tolkien. They will go back to a time in which Middle Earth was still in the process of being written and created and when J.R.R. Tolkien was alive. Read further to learn more about this story. 

The story of Frodo and Bilbo and his friends may be over, but Tolkien has his own story to tell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are two biopics in the works, both focusing on the different aspects of the writer’s life.

“Tolkien,” the first biopic from Fox Searchlight, will be directed by David Gleeson. This film will focus more on Tolkien’s career in the academe and his life on the front when he served in the army during the World War I. The second biopic, “Tolkien & Lewis,” from Attractive Films, will be directed by  Simon West (“The Expendables 2”). The second biopic will focus on the friendship of Tolkien, and “Narnia” creator and known theologian, C.S. Lewis. J.R.R. Tolkien, a devout Catholic, befriended Lewis as they were part of the same literary group called The Inklings and was instrumental in the conversion of Lewis into Christianity. The two encouraged each other to finish their works. For Tolkien, it was “The Lord of the Rings,” while Lewis was working on “The Chronicles of Narnia.” However, the two friends fell apart as Lewis grew in fame, theologically. “Tolkien & Lewis” is slated to be released in Easter 2015.

However, both movies may run into some difficulties, specifically with the Tolkien estate who has refused to support such movies in the past.

Nevertheless, this is definitely a treat not only for the “Lord of the Rings” fans, but for Narnia fans as well, as there has not been much news lately regarding the upcoming “Narnia” film based on the sixth book in the series entitled “The Silver Chair.”  This will definitely be a fresh of breath air, as we cross our fingers and hope to see two well-loved authors live again on the silver screen.

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