Jack as James?

By admin | 7 years ago

Hugh Jackman wants to be the next James Bond! However, this was not always the case when he first came onto the scene.

Several years ago his agents wereapproached about the idea, but Jackman turned them away! He was filming X-Men at the time and he did not want to be limited in the roles he would play.

Now it seems he may have changes his mind. Interestingly, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan both said no to initial offers and they went on to play him later.

Daniel Craig is still the reigning James Bond, so, do not worry all of you blond Bond fans! Craig’s contract takes him through at least two more of the films.

Jackman will have to wait until then and many wonder if he will be too old.

There is not telling who may be the next 007, but Jackman would sure look dashing as the British spy.

Jack as James?
Jack as James?

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