Jack Black Discloses About His Hard Childhood; Says Elder Brother Died Of AIDS

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Jack Black Discloses About His Hard Childhood; Says Elder Brother Died Of AIDS
Jack Black

Everyone has a dark side, and Jack Black has one too, which has its roots stemmed in his childhood. For many, talking about their tortured childhood is really tough. Jack Black might have been apprehensive in the past to talk about it but finally he finds solace in opening up. He shares, his elder brother had died because of AIDS.

Black is in synch with his peaceful emotions now and is ready to tell his tale to all. The 46-year-old actor who also starred in “Goosebumps” told Parade, “Losing a family member is the worst thing I could imagine.” He said that his brother’s condition deteriorated gradually and it was painful for the family to see him succumbing like this. Maybe the actor still has some kind of remorse in his heart for not being able to do anything to save his brother.

Black acknowledged that his musical passions have been profoundly influenced by his elder brother. He also touched upon the other areas of his childhood life while talking to Parade. He told that his parents separated when he was only 10 years of age. Black also admitted that he had indulged in self destructive habits like using cocaine and accompanying shoddy characters in his childhood. And he was really petrified to go to school when one of them got determined to put him to his death bed.

Jack Black said, when he grew up he had issues to deal with. Growing up with divorced parents in childhood had made him lose faith in marriage. He kept fighting the idea of getting married as a adult but there were people who changed his mind and he finally decided to get married. He might have reached his old age as a bachelor if he would not have known his now wife, Tanya Haden. Haden’s father, Charlie Haden once told People Magazine, “”They love each other very much.”

He said, his costar in “King Kong”, Andy Serkis also helped him understand the bliss called marriage. Once, Black met Serkis’ wife and son. He also read a bedtime story to the child. Soon he realized marriage was the next thing he wanted.

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