Jack Grealish Pictured Drunk And Unconscious On A Tenerife Road

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Jack Grealish Pictured Drunk And Unconscious On A Tenerife Road

Jack Grealish, Aston Villa midfielder, is pictured apparently drunk and unconscious in Tenerife road while on holiday at the Spanish resort. His club will speak to the footballer regarding his behavior.

According to The Telegraph, Jack Grealish who plays for Premier League club Aston Villa as a midfielder, was pictured lying on the Tenerife road, drunk and unconscious. Jack was then pictured posing with a fan wearing a black T-shirt similar to that worn by the person lying on the Tenerife road, said the source.

The source added that Grealish his involvement in the incident by posting his pictures without wearing the offending black T-shirt, on Twitter. It is reported that the footballer posed along with his best pal Ollie Priestley.

The Aston Villa club has issued a statement today, revealing that they have taken a dim outlook of his behaviour, said the source.

“The club is aware of the photographs of Jack Grealish currently circulating. We will be meeting with the player but any action will remain an internal matter,” and “There will be no further comment from the club,” read the statement.

Mirror reported that the 19-years-old Jack has already been pictured allegedly inhaling laughing gas earlier this year, following which he deserved the rage of manager Tim Sherwood.

The young midfielder went to the Spanish island with friends to enjoy the holiday after his breakthrough campaign, said the source.

“Landed in Tenerife, looking forward to the next 5 days with the lads,” Grealish tweeted on Thursday, June 11.

“Me n my best pal. I’m, on the floor apparently,” tweeted Jack.

The source also revealed that an onlooker said that Jack was “paralytic” after she allegedly came across the footballer lying in the road.

After Jack was reportedly pictured lying on the road unconscious while on holiday in Tenerife, he could find himself in the midst of more debates, said the source.

We know that Jack Grealish gives importance to make a decision between Ireland and England. However, it seems that he forgot about his footballing future when posting the poolside pictures.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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