Jack O’Connell on Angelina Jolie’s Directing: She Was Right Where I Needed Her to Be

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Jack O’Connell on Angelina Jolie’s Directing: She Was Right Where I Needed Her to Be

There are people who get cast in a movie, and then there are people who get hailed for the way they adapted themselves into the character they played in that movie. Jack O’Connell embraced what it was truly like to be World War 2 survivor Louie Zamperini and shares how it was working with Angelina Jolie as his director in “Unbroken.” Read on for further details.

This year marked a lot of career transformation in Hollywood. Actors who were once only labeled to be familiar are now the leads of their own films with a promise of them starring into more projects. We’ve seen how Chris Pratt managed to wow his type of audience in his performance in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He then has a follow-up movie “Jurassic World” for this year. However, turning on the serious side of the leaf there’s Jack O’Connell whose been having a phenomenal year as well. His appearances in the British war pic “71” and prison story “Starred Up” made critics turn his way. But mostly, he is hailed for his performance in the BBC series “Skins.” Suffice it to say that the 24-year-old actor has been having one great year. However, his acting prowess was magnified the moment he starred in Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie’s true-to-life dramatic war film, “Unbroken,” highlighting the way the actress turned director helped him maximize his performance for the role.

According to Indiewire, the actor has gone through an immense amount of pressure the moment he took on the role to be Zamperini in his early years. Not only did he have to brace himself for the extreme physical demands of the role, he’s also had to deal with the way he must properly and authentically express how it was for Zamperini to face such tumultuous trials in his life. It befalls in the actor’s hands in how he gauges his ability to internalize the reality of his grief in each of the challenging circumstances.

The “Skins” actor then shares how helpful it beneficial it was for his part to have a director who could see through the trials of embracing his role. Director Jolie had exceptional communication skills and that was the main reason how he was able to flourish his acting and come up with a strategy to portray the role profusely.

“She had a level of humanity about her. That enabled her to empathize quite fully, very sensitive to it as well. So was her communication skills, she was right where I needed her to be. If I was struggling, she could just help. And she knew the man. She idolized him. We all did but she knew him perhaps more so than anyone on that set. She knew what he was striving towards and her belief in me sort of enabled me to believe in myself,” expressed the actor during his interview with Indiewire’s Contender Conversations.

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