Jack Reacher 2 confirmed: Delay in Filming

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jack Reacher 2 confirmed: Delay in Filming
Jack Reacher

Lee Child, author of the novels on which the first “Jack Reacher” movie was based, told the press that the second installment may take some time to develop as the writer/director who is supposed to helm the movie is busy with the fifth movie in the”Mission Impossible series. Read on.

Author Lee Child, who created the character of Jack Reacher with his novel, “Killing Floor,” in 1997, revealed that the sequel is underway even as we write this news. It is just that the movie will take a while to develop now that the writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie, proposed to write the movie is busy with other assignments specifically the new “Mission Impossible” movie. It is also obvious that the star of the original movie, Tom Cruise is also otherwise occupied and will not be available for filming the movie immediately. In short, “Mission Impossible V” may delay the production of “Jack Reacher II.”

Screen Rant reports that “Jack Reacher II” or “Jack Reacher 2,” is based on the 18th Jack Reacher novel “Never Go Back,” which was also written by Child. The story will chronicle the adventures of Jack again. In all probability, Cruise might reprise the role in the movie sequel.

Child revealed that this time Jack travels to meet a Major Susan Turner in Virginia She is a female MP he has been talking to over the phone in preceding books. When he turns up in Virginia, he was immediately arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. He also discovers that Susan is also in big trouble. And as per usual, he must save the day by solving the mystery.

Child also told the Empire magazine that the Jack Reacher 2 screenplay is also getting written, and may go into production “pretty soon.” He didn’t mention the name of the writer who is writing the script. McQuarrie penned the script for first Jack Reacher but it is obvious that he is otherwise occupied.

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