‘Jack Reacher 2’: Director Explains How the Movie Will Be Different than ‘Mission Impossible’ Movies

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Jack Reacher 2’: Director Explains How the Movie Will Be Different than ‘Mission Impossible’ Movies

Tom Cruise is an action hero extraordinaire is not a new thing. Most of his movies be it “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation,” “Oblivion” or “Jack Reacher” has only propelled and consolidated his career as an action hero even further. So when the actor decided to get his other franchise too going, there are bound to be questions about how will it be different than the one, which is already thriving?

According to Cinema Blend, Tom, who has been wanting to take his recent action movies ahead has given a green light to “Jack Reacher” sequel as well. Ed Zwick has been roped on as the director and naturally there will be some kind of pressure that will mount him. Pressure comes in the form of “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation” performing so well at the box office. Questions about the director looking at the movie as reference in order to prepare for “Jack Reacher 2” have risen. However the truth is not what you would expect to be. The director is currently busy promoting his upcoming Chess drama “Pawn Sacrifice” and mentioned that “Jack Reacher 2” will have to be different since the movie is of a different genre and the emotions and actions in it are grounded. He also mentioned that he could not possibly think of repeating what Tom did in “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation” because Ethan Hunt and Jack Reacher are both two different characters and accomplish tasks with their particular set of skills.

Collider also reported that the plot of the sequel will be based on the 18th novel in the series, “Never Go Back,” which sees Jack Reacher visiting Washington DC to one of his old flames since she has gotten herself in trouble. Tom Cruise was initially criticized for being considered for the part of Jack Reacher since the character happens to be a 6 foot 5 inches giant as compared to an average sized Tom Cruise. But ultimately, Tom did impress everyone with his portrayal of the character and emerged a winner in the end.

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