Jack the Giant Slayer Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Jack the Giant Slayer MovieThere are lots of fairy tale movie adaptations these days. There was the Shrek franchise. Last year, Snow White was made into two movies. This year, Bryan Singer remakes Jack and the Beanstalk with his Jack the Giant Slayer.

This movie is a good reboot of the classic fairy tale. Jack and the Giant Slayer turns the simple tale into a multi-character action-adventure comedy. It has humor but doesn’t have usual sarcasm seen in other revamps.

The titular character Jack (Nicholas Hoult) trades a horse for magic beans. One of which grows up into the sky. Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) was visiting Jack’s humble hovel when she is caught up in the beanstalk.

The princess gets stuck up above where giants rule. They are looking for an excuse to come down to earth and eat people. The king (Ian McShane) sends a group to get his daughter back. The group is composed of a good guy (Ewan McGregor), a bad guy (Stanley Tucci), and red shirts who are likely to be eaten by the giants. Then there’s Jack, who is on his first quest.

The giants are grumpy and dirty but the CGI is not done well enough and makes them less terrifying. The plot goes from one point to the next as the group mounts their rescue of the princess. We see McGregor’s character ending up as a giant’s pastry.

Jack the Giant Slayer is almost two hours and its slim material makes it feel too long. It could have been shortened or some noisy battles cleaned up. Good thing that the movie has a capable cast that delivers the right type of seriousness and comedy.

Give Jack the Giant Slayer a chance if you got nothing to do this weekend. It might have a long runtime but it has its moments.

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