Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack Star in ‘Dragon Blade’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack Star in ‘Dragon Blade’ [WATCH VIDEO]

Stars who’ve become silent are gearing up to take the big leagues once more as Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack star in the BC China historical fiction, “Dragon Blade.” Read on to know more about the details to this preview.

With all the hype about movie production studios coming up with a cinematic universe, it’s easy to overlook the ones that have not succumbed to the trend. However, with the names of well-known actors plastered on to new movies, it’s likely that people would still turn their eyes in light of supporting these actors new film that could possibly shed a serious light once more in their acting careers. The movie is written and directed by “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon” helmer Daniel Lee. Catch the martial arts aficionado Jackie Chan, the superfluous indie actor Adrien Brody and the compelling villain John Cusack star in a historical fiction about China — “Dragon Blade. “

According to Screen Rant, “Dragon Blade” was put together based on the story about a Roman army infiltrating China during the Han Dynasty. They were there with the battling effort to rule over the Silk Road, which was the most common trade route taken by the Westerners and the Chinese at the time. Brody is General Tiberius, who leads the Roman legion. He is then met by two opposing forces: Huo An played by Jackie Chan, a Chinese military officer who was enslaved after being framed for a crime he did not commit, and Lucius, another Roman General played by Cusack, who came to China for his own bidding.

“He took the place in your heart that belonged to me.” Looking at the trailer for the first time, this has got to be line that’s proven to be the most capturing of them all. Without a doubt, English is the main language of the movie despite it being shown in China first. Even more than so, the movie is definitely set to attract American audiences as well. Moreover, Variety added that the production of “Dragon Blade” cost about $65 million, which is actually considered as one of the biggest budget ever allocated for a Chinese film.

“Dragon Blade” is set to be released in China on Feb. 19, 2015. A US release date is still under wraps, but we will keep you posted here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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