Jackie Chan Strongly Admits He is Not a Superhero Movie Fan!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Jackie Chan Strongly Admits He is Not a Superhero Movie Fan!
Jackie Chan says he does not like superhero movies.

Jackie Chan has openly admitted that he is not a big fan of superheroes. The Hong Kong director, actor, martial artist and star of many action hits also aired his strong dislike on excessive use of special effects in recent action flicks. Read on.

The stunt choreographer told the press during the Far East Film Festival held in Italy that he didn’t like too much special effects in action movies being shown nowadays nor was he a fan of superheroes.

According to Indie Wire, the 61-year-old star said that real action is slowly disappearing in most movies. This was after he was asked about the place of martial arts in the world filled with digital graphics and special effects.

The report went on saying Chan accusing the current movie generation to be unrealistic. He said the computer graphics and special effects have been a tool to make everyone possibly become an action star.

Chan also revealed that during his early acting career, he was able to do stunts without the help of special effects. He also said that he has gotten himself several times during the process and that his fans did not want him to seek for technology’s help to create illusions for movies to watch.

In a report from IGN, Chan has already appeared in about 150 films throughout his career. The action star said he does not like to appear as a superhero in a movie nor his fans would like him to do so. He also made fun of superhero films saying to become “Spiderman” is so easy.

The action star’s next film “Dragon Blade” has been slated for release this year. The movie was directed by Daniel Lee who spent about 7 years before finally completing the film. The movie is about an exiled Chinese general played by Chan who offered home to a Roman leader.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Jackie Chan

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