Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga: An Indian Ode to Armor Of God?

By Angeline Sajini Ramanan | 2 years ago
Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga: An Indian Ode to Armor Of God?
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga trailer is all set to release in USA on January 27, 2017, while it will hit the theaters on January 28 in China.  From the trailer, its looks like there is very little Yoga and a lot of Kung fu.

Kung Fu Yoga Synopsis

Chinese archaeologist Jack played by Chan teams up with Indian professor, Ashmita and her assistant Kyra to locate a lost Magadha treasure. ScreenCrush reports that, they find a rare diamond called the Shiva’s eye and the remains of an army which looks similar to the Chinese Terracotta army. They are attacked by Randall, played by Indian actor, Sonu Sood. They use the diamond to unlock a secret treasure.

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Kung Fu Yoga Trailer

From the looks of the trailer, we can deduct that their archaeological quest will involve Fast and Furious kind of car chases. The only difference would be that, in Kung Fu Yoga Chan’s co-passenger is a lion. A CGI created lion but still a lion. It has the Indiana Jones cross National Treasure vibe.

Jackie Chan has channeled his energy from earlier movies like Armor of God into the movie. The slap stick humor, car chases and Kung Fu fights have been orchestrated on a large scale.

The cast has a number of Indian artistes like Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur in important roles. Major parts of the film was shot in China, India and Dubai.

The film promises bone crushing action, visual effects and carefully choreographed car chase sequences. Jackie Chan is 62 and has performed the daring stunts himself. One is not sure about the Yoga part of the title. May be it is a subtle reference to the Indo-Chinese story of the film. Check out the trailer of Kung Fu Yoga.


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