Jackie Chan’s Son Charged of Drug Abuse

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Jackie Chan’s Son Charged of Drug Abuse

Jackie Chan was known to fight off drug syndicates in his “Police Story” series. Ironically, his son was officially charged of drug abuse on Monday, Dec. 22, 2014. Read on to know the details of the iconic action star’s plight.

In August 2014, Jaycee Chan was detained at his apartment in Beijing with Ko Kai, a Taiwanese movie star, before indicted officially by prosecutors from Beijing’s Dongcheng District. He could be jailed for three years if convicted.

Chan and Ko were both positive for marijuana.

However, Ko was released after detention for 14 days. Chan remained due to more severe criminal charges.

A CCTV footage of the police raid in Chan’s home was aired, proving the crime. Ko admitted that he used drugs in Chan’s apartment. Chan directly admitted the crime.

Prosecutors had no specific date yet for the trial.

The most affected person from this issue is Chan’s father, who was named as an anti-drug ambassador of Beijing.

The older Chan had a public apology about his son’s misbehavior through his website. He openly shared his anger and shock regarding the issue. His statement for his son was the younger Chan must be responsible for the consequences. However, he promised his son to be with him throughout the struggle.

“As a public figure, I’m very ashamed. As a father, I’m heartbroken…Therefore, on behalf of Jaycee and myself, I extend our deepest apologies to everyone for the negative impact this has caused on society,” the “Drunken Master” star wrote on his site.

The 33-year-old Jaycee, who is also a popular singer and actor in China, was one of the celebrities imprisoned for charges such as drug offences and women trafficking. Beijing became firmer about busting crime since their vow to “clean up” social morals.

Chinese President Xi Jinping declared in June 2014 that illegal drugs must be wiped out, and severe punishment should be applied to the offenders. According to the Beijing police, more than 7,800 people were caught for drug offenses. Celebrities were the focus of the raids because of their influence.

There you have it for the update on Jackie Chan’s son regarding drug offense charges. For more celebrity updates, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore


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