Jackson to Remain on American Idol

By admin | 6 years ago

Following months of speculation that Randy Jackson could be eased out as a judge on the popular show American Idol, new reports now say he will stay. The rumor was told by someone very close to the show and speculation is much stronger that he will now remain.

At one time, the show was negotiating with Enrique Iglesias but those negotiations were not fruitful and the show seems to be leaning back towards Jackson. That leaves the show with four total judges and is interesting since it looks as though the show is trying to bring in youth to replace experience, as Iglesias is 36 and Jackson 56.

The show has seen its audience get younger and is trying to gain interest again amongst teenagers. The X Factor is returning for another season and has been compressed down to a show that is appealing to only teens and younger adults.

The return of Jackson is very positive for the show. It is positive because of the continuity it creates, for the balance he gives on the judge’s panel and for institutional knowledge since none of the other judges have any. In addition, above everything else, he is a talented judge and the wiseman amongst the group who will help keep the show on a more even keel. Of course, he will also have to mediate the disputes that will pop up between Nicky Minaj and Mariah Carey. Keith Urban is the shows fourth judge.

The show has not had four judges on the panel since its eighth and ninth seasons. It did not work well partly due to too many different voices with little time for each one to be hears.

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