Jackson told friend he was not Paris or Prince’s Biological Father

By admin | 5 years ago

One of Michael Jackson’s friends said the late pop star and entertainer told him that he was not the biological father of Paris or Prince, his two oldest children, but he was the biological father of Blanket, his youngest son.

Throughout his life, Jackson fiercely guarded his privacy as much or more so than any other entertainer. However, his friend said he confessed just four months prior to his death that he was not their father.

Jason Pfeiffer, a friend who was very close to Jackson, said Jackson revealed to him that Mark Lester a British actor was the biological father for both of his older children.

Pfeiffer also said that Jackson had told him he never wanted Debbie Rowe, the mother of both Paris and Prince, to be in their life, as he wanted to be their mother and father.

Jackson allegedly told Pfeiffer during one of their long talks about the families of both men that Lester had donated his sperm as had others, but that Jackson picked Lester’s sperm.

Lester has claimed on previous occasions that he could be the natural father of both Paris and Prince. Pfeiffer believes that Jackson would have wanted Lester to play a role in the lives of the two children.

Everything Pfeiffer and Jackson spoke about was kept a secret, said Jackson’s friend. He said there will be people who doubt his story, but he knows what Jackson told him was the truth.

Jackson’s friend said he broke his four-year silence because he is worried that something could happen to Paris. The teen attempted suicide only two week ago.

Lester has said he is willing to have a paternity test to for the last time see if he is their father.

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