Jada Pinkett Smith sings her heart out about her crumbling marriage with Will Smith

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Unknown to most people, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife is a rock chick and a hard one at that who is not the least bit afraid to say what she needs to say. It has recently been made aware that Jada and Will aren’t doing so well with their marriage and according to recent reports, Jada had used the emotion she felt of the crumbling marriage and used it as material for her up coming track, Stuck.

The 42-year old pours her heart out and laments about a love she lost. The poignant lyrics can be thought of as a revelation of something that isn’t right or is crumbling and soon to be ending as the star stares at her wedding ring for an awfully long time.

In the dark song, the star – who sports a very metal partially shaved head in the clip – sings: “I remember when you kissed me, said you’d always love me, your words broke me and left me there, staring at a shadow.”

However, whether she is singing about her marriage or something else, it can’t be really said.

While her love for nu metal may come off as a surprise to most people, Jada has been the front woman of the band Wicked Wisdom since it started about a decade ago.

Wicked Wisdom has previously toured with Britney Spears and performed as part of Ozzy Osbourne’s heavy metal festival, Ozzfest.

Source: DailyMail

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