Why Was Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Behind Bars?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Why Was Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Behind Bars?
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Jaden Smith dating someone is not new but this time is he in love with a criminal? Read on to know the scoop!

“Karate Kid” star, Jaden Smith has been dating model Sarah Snyder but very few or better to say–that no one knew that the girl has a police record.

According a report from ET Online,  the girl has been accused of picking up a Hermes handbag worth $ 15,995 from Bypass shopping centre in Katonah, New York. The incident took place in February, on a complaint made by the mall saying, “A girl with blonde hair entered in the store and stole the Hermes’  handbag.”

The report of Page Six says that the Smith’s lady was arrested in the month of June and was released after a bail of $7,500. The case is still ongoing.

Although they could not catch her red handed but evidence collected from the mall all pointed to her.

A police informer told that Sarah was very cooperative at the time of investigation and arrest. The crime comes under class D felony.

Sarah and Jaden were recently seen at the Gypsy Sport show at the New York Fashion Week. The two were seen kissing and really cozy with each other, which caught the eyes of many media persons present there.

Later at Kanye West’s NYFW show, the couple was seen again. Smith’s ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner was also present at the same show walking on the ramp.

It is not known how long the two have been dating, but TMZ asserted that insiders told them they had been together for a few months.

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Photosource: Daily Mirror

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