Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams will star in ‘Ezekiel Moss’

By admin | 4 years ago

Jake Gylenhaal and Amy Adams are set to star in the Ghost thriller, ‘Ezekiel Moss’. The movie was announced to be produced in the fall of 2012 by Director, Phillip Seymor Hoffman.

Ezekiel Moss is based on a depression era Ghost Story about a young imaginative boy who lives in a deadbeat town and comes across a drifter. Jake will be playing that Drifter. Alongside Jake, Amy Adams will be playing the mother of the young boy, Iris. The boy’s mother in the movie slowly realizes that she is falling in love with the drifter.

Gyllenhaal plays the titural Ezekiel Moss who apparently has special abilities to communicate with un-earthly beings. For those who aren’t aware, Ezekiel in Arabic means ‘God will strengthen him’ and in Hebrew, ‘May God strengthen him’.

Given that the movie is ghost based supernatural film, the name here will have significant meaning as Jake’s character slowly bonds with the young lad. The origins of the drifter (Ezekiel) are uncertain as he is well —a drifter and some way or another is meets with the young boy in his town.

In many cases Ezekiel has been referred to as a prophet in different religions including Christianity and Islam (Though he is not mentioned by name in the Holy Quran).

Given the background of the characters it intrigues me to see what would actually go down once the movie hits the big screen.

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