James Bond: Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy And Other Top Contenders For 007 Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
James Bond: Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy And Other Top Contenders For 007 Role

Currently, Daniel Craig plays James Bond and chances are he will be back for one last movie. However, in case he does not come back, there is a list of contenders that have been lined up to take on the role.

While Bond producers have not issued this list, it does contain bets on actors who can take on the role once Daniel retires from it. Keeping in mind all the actors, here are top contenders for the 007 role.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is not a stranger to stardom. He has starred in some really big movies and has some amazing roles to his name. Rumors about him started to circulate when he refused to comment on whether he would like to replace Craig or not.

Reports state that Hardy is one of the actors that has pimped Poldark star Aidan Turner and bagged the position of the top contender for himself. Bets on him are reportedly 11/4.

Michael Fassbender

The Sun reported that the second actor who has reportedly toppled Turner from the position of the top contender is X-Men: First Class star Michael Fassbender.

Much like Hardy, Fassbender, too, is a major star who has had some major roles to play. According to the outlet, bets on him are equivalent to that of Hardy’s. He currently stands at 11/4 to take on the role of Bond.

The outlet also pointed out his comments about taking on the role. According to the actor, Craig has done a fantastic job in the age group but he feels the franchise needs something new.

Aidan Turner

The Poldark star has been the bookies’ favorite right from the beginning. His breakthrough role was in the BBC One TV series following which he gained a massive fan following of his own.

The actor has the looks and the talent to portray a role like Bond. On being asked if he wants to play Bond or if he has been approached to play Bond, the actor has maintained absolute silence.

In a most recent event, the actor simply walked out when he was asked the same question about Bond. Bets on him currently are at 4/1.

James Norton

Norton is the latest entrant in the list of contenders. He is known for his role in War & Peace and Happy Valley. As compared to others he is slightly young for the role but has great work on TV to back him up.

Some months back there was a rumor that his chances of becoming the next Bond had become better than others. Bets on him are currently at 7/2.

Idris Elba

Many celebrities have come out in support of Elba as the next Bond. If chosen, he would become the first Black British actor to take on the role. Much like Hardy and Fassbender, Elba, too, has some impressive roles to his name.

He has got the physique and the looks to play the role of Bond. Bets on him are currently at 6/1, which makes his chances of becoming the next Bond as good as Turner and Norton.

Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston is one of the most known actors in the business today. He gained fame playing Loki in MCU and rumors of Bond started when he starred in The Night Manager.  

In the series, he played the role of Jonathan Pine who is tasked to bring down a rogue businessman and arms dealer Richard Roper. On being asked if he has been approached to play the role, he did not sound too sure.

According to him, an announcement should not be expected; however, he feels humbled by all the support he has been getting. With Craig rumored to be returning to the role, it remains to be seen who ends up as his successor.

Bond 25 is the next installment in the James Bond franchise.


Photo source: YouTube/BBC America


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