James Bond and Charlie Brown Wow the Audiences at the Box Office

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
James Bond and Charlie Brown Wow the Audiences at the Box Office
Spectre at the box office

Daniel Craig may be tired of playing James Bond, but people aren’t tired of seeing him play Bond on the Box Office. James Bond’s latest adventure, “Spectre” sang a few high notes that surprised most people who were expecting the series to tank on the box office. The other winner at the box office, “The Peanuts Movie” did some business too, but it failed to win over the public’s heart because James Bond won it over for him.

Everybody knows that this October has been super tough to crack through. The moviegoers have given almost every movie a miss, irrespective of whether it has been good or not. But the winners this October just go to show that the old is always the gold when it comes to box office. Both James Bond and Charlie Brown have been around for so long that they have become cultural icons and both pulled in large crowds to the move theaters the last week of October and began the November with a promise of a golden revival for returning movie franchises like James Bond.

“Spectre” had already amassed 73 million dollars in the first weekend, becoming the James Bond movie with the second largest opening since 2012’s “Skyfall,” which had collected 88.4 million dollars in its first weekend.

“The Peanuts Movie” also collected over 45 million dollars in the last week of October, showing that Charlie Brown could get the public’s attention even when James Bond was around to charm the crowds.

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It is not surprising that two icons like James Bond and Charlie Brown can draw in the crowds even though they are both over 50 years old. Many among the crowds buying the tickets are a lot younger than Charles M. Schulz’s beloved comic script and Ian Fleming’s excellent spy. But these stories have the charisma and the talent that gets them attention every time.

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