James Bond: Charlie Hunnam Interested In Playing 007

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
James Bond: Charlie Hunnam Interested In Playing 007
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James Bond is one role that any British actor would love to play. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is the latest actor who has thrown his name into the ring to play 007 if Daniel Craig does not return.

He also addressed rumors of him being considered to play the character on a talk show and talked about the chances of him playing the most coveted spy role.

Hunnam’s statement

Screen Rant reported that Hunnam was on Conan when he was asked about the Bond rumors.  He did express interest in playing Bond by explaining why he would make a good spy. He said he would make a good Bond, because he is English and looks ridiculously handsome in a suit.

But later on added that since nobody has called him about playing Bond, he might not end up getting the role. Conan O’Brien even jokingly stated that the makers have been calling him, Hunnam asked the host to recommend his name if he does not decide to portray the character.

Hunnam suitable for Bond?

While it would be good to see the Sons of Anarchy star don a tuxedo and fire a Walther PPK, the real question is whether he is suitable for the role or not.

Just a few days back, when possibility of seeing Idris Elba as Bond was put forward, it was met with criticism when one of Elba’s co-stars Joanna Lumley gave a statement that the actor did not fit the description of Bond.

Hunnam definitely has the looks, is appropriately muscular and is also the right age to play the character. If he is chosen to play the character, he will certainly bring a new twist to the character and even play him for a longer period of time.

Daniel Craig’s status

No matter how many actors are put forward for the role of Bond, producers are still hoping to get Craig back for one more movie. The producers are eyeing him despite his early statement about playing Bond, which upset both the producers and fans alike.

But since he received some criticism for making unsavory remarks about the role, he gave a much positive response later on about returning for the role.

According to him, if he were to leave the role now, he would miss it terribly. Following this positive response, reports also started reporting that Craig will be back for a fifth movie, which would be his final as the British super-spy.

It was also reported that Barbara Broccoli always had Craig in mind and that no other actor was even considered.

Other contenders

Apart from Hunnam, there are many other contenders that have been lined up to succeed Craig as Bond. Some of the contenders are Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Aidan Turner, Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, James Norton and many others.

Amongst the above-mentioned contenders, Hardy is currently the number one choice to play Bond, however, Poldark star Turner was the top choice some months back.

Also multiple reports had put The Night Manager and Thor star Hiddleston as the stars who would certainly replace Craig in the role. Since then the number of contenders have only increased but none of them have been confirmed.


Any plot details for Bond 25 are still being kept under wraps but the upcoming movie has been in the news for a while. Five major studios were engaged in a battle to acquire the distribution rights for the movie. Reports speculated that Sony would end up with the rights but no official word has been released about it yet.

Release date

A release date for the movie is also not known yet but reports suggest producers are looking to release it in October next year. It remains to be seen if Craig returns to the role or not and who is chosen as his successor.


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