James Bond: Christopher Nolan Producing Bond 25, Is Tom Hardy The Next 007?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
James Bond: Christopher Nolan Producing Bond 25, Is Tom Hardy The Next 007?
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James Bond is an iconic character. With Daniel Craig currently playing the spy, there are other contenders already lined up to replace him when he is done playing the character.

However Tom Hardy might just have better chances at playing the character. Reports have been indicating that he is one of the top contenders for the role currently.

Christopher Nolan producing

The Telegraph reported an interesting update related to Bond 25. According to the outlet, IMDb has listed Christopher Nolan’s production company Syncopy as producer of the next Bond movie.

While five major studios are engaged in on-going distribution battle, Nolan’s company coming aboard as producer has made fans hopeful.

Express reported that with Nolan coming onboard as producer, Hardy’s chances of becoming the next Bond has just gone higher. The report also presumed that if Nolan ends up directing the movie, it would not be surprising if fans see Hardy as the spy.

Tom Hardy as the next Bond?

The real question is, can Hardy play the next Bond? He is known as a versatile actor who has portrayed some really good roles. His turn as the supervillain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises or as the villain in The Revenant is considered some of his best performances.

Given his performances in the aforementioned movies, he surely can play a character as tough as James Bond. As far as physical requirements for the role are concerned, he will be able to fulfill that as well.

He beefed up for Bane and even underwent a mixed martial arts training for his role in Warrior. He also showed what a good spy he can be with his role in This Means War with Chris Pine.

Hardy addressing Bond rumors

In the beginning of this year, when he was asked about taking over from Craig as the next Bond, he did show interest in playing the part. But since he believes that talking about the role might result in him losing it, he refused to say anything else.

However, he did praise the makers of the franchise and Craig by mentioning what good work they have done. He also praised his Inception and The Dark Knight Rises director Nolan by stating that he would like to see him helm a Bond movie.

According to him, by bringing Nolan in the franchise, the filmmaker will be able to create something new and profound again. The actor has worked with the director in the above two movies and will also be seen in this year’s Dunkirk.

Hardy’s odds

The Sun reported the latest odds of Hardy becoming the next Bond. According to the outlet, Hardy is bookies’ favorite with odds of 5/2. He recently moved past Poldark star Aidan Turner and became the top contender.

The outlet also added that Turner and Michael Fassbender are now tied for the second spot with odds of 3/1. Looking at the sudden support for Hardy, a bookie even mentioned that people have placed major bets on the actor, which makes him bookies’ current favorite.

Daniel Craig returning?

While it has not been confirmed, a report even mentioned that Barbara Broccoli is keen to get Craig back as Bond for one more time. If he returns, this would be his fifth movie as Bond after Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre.

Craig’s early statements about playing Bond were not at all encouraging as he stated that he would prefer to slash his wrists instead of playing the role again. But later on, he stated that he would miss playing Bond when he is done with the role.

There are also no details available yet as to who will be the villain and where will Bond go in the upcoming movie.

Release date

With no release date confirmed yet, it remains to be seen when does Bond 25 release. Also with makers targeting a release date of October next year, it would be seen if they are able to achieve their target or not.


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